Strap Stitching

Hereunder we take a closer look at the two different types of stitching we currently offer for the Original and Racing straps.

The vintage (double) stitch and the horizontal stitch.


We start of course with our standard vintage stitch or commonly called the double stitch. A style with its roots in traditional belt making. This is by far the most requested strap finishing that compliments both new and vintage timepieces very well.

Our standard thread colour is Ecru (off-white), other colours are of course also possible. Simply let us know in the notes at checkout or via email!


The stitching on the picture below is what we refer to as a horizontal stitch. It is the slanted saddle stitch. The thread is at a specific angle and the saddle stitching is one of the examples where handcrafted work can be superior to machined work. Stitches are reinforced on ends to ensure maximum wear resistance.


Handcrafted by de Griff