The Gallia Watch Strap - Fauve

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This is about as good as it gets for a classic strap. The leather used is double tanned and iron finished for extra wear and scratch resistance. The raw material as the name suggests is calf and sourced principally from the Alp region. Very on point for a watch strap material.

Our Gallia strap collection stands for an excellent and long-lasting watch strap, that will suit a variety of wrists and watches. The leather used to make the Gallia collection is second to none. The front looks very refined, and thanks to the finishing of the leather will look that way for a very long time. The backing is a soft hypoallergenic calfskin with a smooth texture for a comfortable wrist experience.

This is a classic strap so it implies a nice and full stitch around the border. Look closer and you'll see additional hand-finish with the decorative line on the side. This often forgotten decoration offers no functional value, but it sure does look good. Another 'haute' detail -perhaps known only by the true strap connoisseur - is the slanted stitching.

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