Steppe Brown Kudu


Kudu in its full glory. Found roaming the steppes and no strangers to thorny bushes, their hides are never pristine, they have a wide range of marks and scars. This gives each cut a particular and unique character. To let the natural material take center stage, the first in the Kudu range is offered seamless, without any stitching to distract. The lining of the strap is our familiar and super soft calfskin.

The texture of the straps is unique compared to anything else we have in the shop, it is extremely soft to the touch, almost velvet like with a hint of nubuck to it.

Due to the nature of this leather, please note that they can not be thinned down as thin as calfskin. As a result the Kudu straps are not suited for watches with narrow space between the case and the springbar.