Marmorino Tan


Inspired by the wonderful warmth, depth and textures of Marmorino Veneziano, these are probably some of the nicest straps in our ranks.

A patina pretty much unseen in the watch strap world, straight from the start. We start with a beautiful, new, calfskin which is bark tanned in Italy. The slowest and best way to tan a hide without the use of heavy metals. We further use a blend of natural materials to further stuff the leather and apply that gorgeous patina on the final strap.

As far as a vintage looking, patina heavy, strap is concerned, this one rules them all. Hands down, sine pari. The overall strap will further darken over its lifetime and as a result be entirely unique looking depending on the owner and how it is being treated.

This strap is standard made using the off-white stitching.