Hand heated buckle (Yellow)


Heat coloured steel, without a doubt one of the hallmarks of haute horlogerie. Heat colouring steel is absolutely not necessary and adds little to no functional value in watchmaking. What it unequivocally does however is add a soul to an otherwise bland piece of metal. And isn't that why many of us get into watches in the first place? Little mechanical wonders which for some reason seem to carry a soul and a 'human' component carried over from the very watchmaker that made or assembled your timepiece?

The steps needed to get here, you are most likely familiar with, they read so simple: Hand polish, clean with the greatest care, hand heat. Three simple steps, make up a complex scenario.

Our Yellow heated buckles start their lives in the same way as our standard steel buckles. When finished they take on a nice warm deep yellow colour, with a slight Antique effect right here in our atelier. The buckles look great on a yellow (gold) watches and work extremely well on bronze cased watches as well.