Fusion Grey (Leather)

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The Fusion series stands for a blend of materials and colors fused together resulting in a unique and hard wearing strap. Here we blend two types of leather in our typical Fusion styling.

The base layer is a fantastic calfskin, with a deep metal grey color that has a hint of brown in there. This is a bark tanned calfskin, tanned in Italy. Contrasting to the oxblood is a different type of calfskin with a lower oil content in pure black. The combination of both makes for a unique wrist experience. Both leathers will pick up a considerable patina over the strap's lifetime. The strap will age along with you and take on a look of its own depending on your lifestyle.

We cut these slightly oversized, so that once the natural leather loosens up a bit you still have a snug fit between the springbars.

The Fusion series is also available in other executions.