DE GRIFF Steppe Blue Watch Pouch


Our latest addition to the watch storage options. This Watch Pouch is intended for use with watches on straps. It holds your watch nice and snug while the material used also adds substantial cushioning.

The leather used is quite frankly of unmatched quality in the watch pouch world. We searched high and low for the toughest leather, with the softest backing to help cuddle your watch during transit. We found our answer in the deer family, and opted for antelope.

The leather has a semi-aniline finish, meaning that you get to see all the battle scars and imperfections found on an animal's hide after a life lived roaming the wild. As a result each and every single watch pouch will look entirely unique. The top side of the Steppe Blue leather has a nubuck finish. The inside of the pouch is super soft suede. These pouches are built to last.

For added durability, the stitching features double (hand) saddle stitching at the ends where the seams take the most stress. Each pouch has subtle branding on the back with the DE GRIFF logo embossed.