DE GRIFF Springbar Tool

Image of DE GRIFF Springbar Tool

Any watch enthusiast's best friend: The Spring-bar Tool. An essential item for anyone looking to switch up straps every so often. As you can imagine, we change a lot of straps at the DE GRIFF mothership. And here's the tool we found ourselves using most often, upgraded with screw-caps so you can easily take it with you as you are on the move. It is great to have around the house & ideal when travelling.

The pointy end works like magic on watches with drilled lugs (e.g. vintage Rolex, Seiko etc.) and the fork tool is able to tackle bracelets & straps without breaking a sweat.

As we like you to switch straps as often as possible, home and away, these are priced to go :-)

If purchased as a single item, please note that shipping applies.

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