DE GRIFF Bund Strap


A bund strap is arguably the most recognizable strap design out there. While most tend to be barely wearable due to their excessive bulkiness, we've kept ours nice and thin. Thinner than nearly any NATO strap out there even.

A Bund strap that we’d actually want to wear ourselves. The cuff is removable, once removed the strap becomes essentially an ‘Original’ strap. This means you can wear the strap on most occasions, either with or without the cuff. The thin cuff also makes it much more wearable than most (bund) straps out there. This means your watch won’t sit ‘high’, a complaint often associated with bund straps.

Oak Tanned French Calfskin, Tanned in Italy, Strap entirely Handmade in Belgium. The leather turns into a warm brown over time. Provided as always, with our Swiss sourced signature buckles. Available in multiple sizes.